Amelia County Events

Amelia County has a long standing history of great events that occur annually. For more information about each event be sure to visit the event website.

Amelia County Fair

The annual Amelia County Fair is held every year in September. Bring the whole family for fun and excitement. Plenty of rides, kids activities, entertainment, agricultural exhibits, animals, commercial vendors, and great food.

Get more information at the Amelia County Fair Website

Amelia Day Festival

The annual Amelia Day Festival celebrates the formation of Amelia County and offers fun for all, young and old. With plenty of good local food and entertainment, including children’s activities, an art show, fine artisan crafts, handmade goods and a car show, the Amelia Day Festival is a must attend event.

For more information visit the Amelia Day Festival Website

Amelia Family Bluegrass Festival

The Amelia Family Bluegrass Festival was started by John and Ferne Hutchinson in 1980. John was a bluegrass lover and wanted to start his own annual festival after seeing the Roy McGraws festival at the “Rock Shop” in Amelia. The Amelia Family Bluegrass Festival is Johns legacy, carried on by his family in his memory. For good times and great bluegrass, be sure to check out the annual Amelia Family Bluegrass Festival!

Get more information at the Amelia Family Bluegrass Festival Website