What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is an organization that provides a platform for business and community to get to know each other and to grow through these connections. The Chamber does this by its membership of businesses and community members. A Chamber can only be as strong as its members. The Chamber’s job is to bring its members together in one place. The Chamber does this job through providing networking opportunities to its members. These opportunities can bring growth in the form of new customers or clients, staffing help and other positive results.

However, these results can only materialize through the participation and attendance of the business and community members to the Chamber’s networking meetings and events. Member support makes the Chamber successful in its goal of community development. The Chamber also acts as an advocate for business and community concerns. However, the Chamber by law, is not allowed to persuade businesses or the communities to take any one position or vote.

About the Amelia County Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Meeting

The Amelia County Chamber of Commerce (ACCOC) was established from efforts of the Amelia Cooperative Extension Leadership Council (ELC) and the Amelia County Tourism committee. The ACCOC held its first meeting March 2012. Since then, the ACCOC board members - all volunteers - have met each month working to develop a plan to provide resources and support for our local businesses and community. In December 2012, the ACCOC held its first public meeting. Each month, we feature experienced and informative guest speakers providing business advice and resources. Chamber board members look forward to providing resources for local businesses; assist local officials with community business development; offer our business community and residents learning opportunities for business and personal growth; provide networking opportunities; develop Chamber sponsored events to benefit our community.Chamber Meeting Our board members represent an excellent cross section of local business owners, managers and volunteers with many years of business expertise in many fields.

Your support is essential for our success. Attend our meetings and meet local business owners. Your investment in the ACCOC is an investment in your community. Please consider joining the ACCOC.

Thank you for your support!
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